Ola launched a campaign in collaboration with writer Chetan Bhagat, called “Ride with Chetan Bhagat”. But it seems the company couldn’t read their audience well enough.  Ola is offering a ride with Chetan Bhagat to a select few till September 25. While this is being done to promote the writer’s new novel ‘The Girl in Room 105’, twitterati reacted to it by taking digs on Ola. A lot of users even openly dissed Ola in favor of Uber and even threatened to stay away from Ola cabs till September 25. The writer’s new promotional move might get his book a lot of publicity but might end-up hurting Ola’s sales.

The three mistakes of my life

App Deletion threat

Let’s just say promotion gone wrong

Good days are now in dreams

1 min to lose a loyal customer

Teaching to Uber on Marketing

Let’s have a break

Alright, that’s cheesy…

Please ahh..Stop over confidence..


So, this is yet another example of how promotions can go wrong if the right selection is not made. Tell us what do you think in the comments section below


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